“Lisa, I am really glad I was able to attend your Marine Weather class.  Your depth of knowledge and years of experience make you an excellent instructor for this topic.  While I am not planning any offshore sailing, I am convinced the course will enable much better day sailing and cruising on the bay.  My weather preparation for sailing has been comprised of the very brief NWS Coastal Waters Forecast for my zone and a reading of the observations from two data buoys.  Now I can use the Surface Analysis and Forecast maps for a deeper view and make an assessment of what is really likely to happen.  A better understanding of the land effects on wind will also be very useful.”

– Wayne G, ASA 119, Feb 2015

“Thank you Lisa for teaching us the proper way to sail our boat through ASA. Laura and I know we can now head out into bigger waters with the skills that we have learned and to look forward to continuing our sailing education so we can become better Sailors, Cruisers, Racers and Adventurers!”

– Jeff D, ASA 101 and 103, Aug 2014


“We just wanted to say thank you, Lisa & Andy, for the splendid 4 days 5 nights that we sailed the Chesapeake on the yacht Windhover. The attention to detail with bookings, planning, briefing, and advice was most appreciated. The yacht was in great shape. The many sailing lessons provided by Sail Solomons meant that we were incident free, well prepared, and able to relax and enjoy the whole time we were out there. Thank you once again, we loved every minute of it, and plan to do it again in a few months.

– Vandy & David , July 2014


“My crew and I got very lucky finding Sail Solomons. No flattery here. I’m an occasional sailor, and up to now, my sailing has been limited to Southern California and the Baja, but in my experience, you, Lisa and Andy, are the tops. Our boat was meticulously maintained, beautiful, equipped in detail. During our three-day cruise, I appreciated more than once your responsiveness, support and friendliness.”

– Loren F, May 2014


“We (two couples) recently chartered with Sail Solomons for a week and had a wonderful experience. The boat was the cleanest, best maintained and best-equipped we have ever chartered. Andy and Lisa were great to work with, from the initial inquiry to the check in of the boat at the end. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with them. The orientation was thorough with no waiting, so we could start our vacation as soon as was feasible. They also provided great advice with our float plan and were available by phone to answer any questions as we went. We look forward to working with them again.”

– Karen & Doug, Bareboat Charter Guests


“Lisa, We had an outstanding sail.  The afternoon was the most rememberable one we have had in our adventure together.  It is very evident that you and Andy have a passion for what you are doing and enjoy it and each other.  Andy, thank you for teaching and sharing with us so much we will never forget our time together and what we learned and experienced with you.  We will be back. Thank you for making our day so very special.”

     – Leslie & Linda – Intro to Sailing

“Wow no amount of classes or studying amounts to how much experience I gained actually skippering a boat by myself today. It was awesome. I am more hooked more than ever on sailing. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful lifestyle.”

– Steve, ASA 101 & 103 – after his first charter

“We couldn’t have asked for better instruction.  You have an excellent way of explaining things to make them easy to understand and you put a logical reason behind “the rules” which makes it easy to remember – like common sense!   I am amazed when you see someone doing something that would probably cause most people to cry out in alarm or frustration and you calmly say, “did you mean to do that?”  I also like the way you take advantage of many teaching moments in between the actual hands on instruction.  For example, while sailing along between tacks or jibes, you might ask, “so you look inside the cabin and the floorboards are floating – what is the first thing you do?”  There were hundreds of these types of questions that were well interspersed between the action to keep things interesting,  These real life “what if” type questions help to mentally drill a student, getting us ready not only for the test but for the situations that we will encounter.   We are really pumped for Grenada!”

– Tom, ASA 101, 103 July 2013, planning for Grenada flotilla

“Lisa and Andy, We just got back from two wonderful weeks sailing in the BVI on a 38′ Lagoon. I can’t thank you both enough for making this possible.  It was fabulous! Charlie and I had no problems at all thanks to the great teaching job from you guys.  You also taught Susie and Sara well and they were great mates. While we were there, we spent a few days at St. John and survived the customs process at both ends.  I  cleaned up well, wore my best hat, and let Susie do all the paperwork! haha. We’re really looking forward to Grenada!”

– Ron and Susie, ASA 101 – 114 and Flotilla veterans

“We’d like to thank you for making our “birthday sail” on Alizé a terrific experience.  The boat not only was clean as a whistle, but also was very well equipped.  Having everything run from the cockpit made it extremely safe and easy to sail, and the roller furling, lazy jacks, and self-tacking jib were a real pleasure.  We were lucky enough to have good wind that day, and the boat sails beautifully.  It’s obvious she’s been well taken care of.  Your rates were very reasonable, and it couldn’t have been easier to get this arranged. Thank you again.  We’ll certainly recommend your outfit to friends!”

–  Cathy, Charter on Quickstep 24 Alizé , May 2013

“Lisa, I really enjoyed sailing this past weekend. You have such a nice way of teaching and a great passion for sailing – I can’t think of a better way to learn. You have a real gift. Thanks again for a great weekend.”

– Kim, ASA 103

“I can’t tell you how much you have done for me and even for the old salt, my  husband.  Life is enriched when people share their talents and enthusiasms and you have certainly contributed to our enjoyment of the new boat.”

– Mary J, On-Your-Own-Boat Training, April 2013

“Thanks to everyone at Sail Solomons for a great two days. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. I cant say enough great things about the course, instructors and the school.   I can’t wait to take more classes.”

– John, ASA 101, July 2012

“So many thanks for a wonderful sailing weekend. After taking ASA 103 at Sail Solomons, I feel so much more confident with my sailing skills.”

– Domenico, ASA 103, July 2012

“Andy and Lisa, I want to let you know how much I appreciated spending a great day in the company of friends, both newly acquainted and established. I could not have asked for better weather, better sailing, and better companionship. Thank you both for offering to share this (Summer Sailstice) event with us.”

 – David & Vandy, Summer Sailstice 2012

“Lisa,  I really enjoyed sailing with you.  You are a great teacher in part because you always seemed to have at least one (and usually more) great, logical, explainable reason for each instruction that you give.  That helped me cement the lesson in my mind and have confidence in following the guidance. (especially for me, since I am more often giving advice than following it). I’m looking forward to my next Sail Solomon’s adventure!”

 – Rob, ASA 103, June 2012

“We recently chartered Friandise and had a wonderful sailing experience. All along this adventure, Lisa and Andy have been very professional, helpful and most of all, extremely nice. They take great care of the boats which are in perfect conditions. They did everything to make sure that we enjoyed a safe and unforgettable cruise on Friandise. Besides, the location of Solomons, mid-Chesapeake Bay is great – depending on winds, you can either sail North or South. Thanks so much to Sail Solomons and its great team!”

– Gautier, May 2012

“Lisa and Andy, I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful time that we had on the 2012 Sail Solomons BVI Flotilla…it was our best vacation ever! The planning parties, information, and advice prior to the trip were invaluable. The camaraderie amongst our flotilla members grew with each meeting, and contributed to the amazing social aspect of the trip. I have to say that there was nothing like the feeling of seeing your friendly faces greeting us in Road Town after a grueling day in airports and airplanes. Having you guys there in the lobby, letting us know we’d gotten to the right place, and showing us around was invaluable. I think I still owe you a toothbrush!

The sailing, of course, was incredible. Your local knowledge rivals that of the locals. I feel like we experienced the best of the best…the calmest anchorages, most picturesque scenery, newest boats, best deals on provisions, and most fun excursions ashore. The itinerary was totally flexible; it was definitely up to the group to decide where to go, based on your sage advice. I’m sure everybody on the flotilla got to do everything they wanted. I know we did.

We have also enjoyed the ASA classes from Sail Solomons. You offer exceptional instruction in an enjoyable atmosphere. Your knowledge goes far beyond the classroom texts, and you do a great job of sharing it.  Thanks again!”

–  Pete – ASA 105, BVI Flotilla 2012


“I really enjoyed the opportunity to get some experience applying the info we covered last summer. The winds were strong and the scenery was spectacular. All the navigation involves visual recognition and it was fun working with the charts. Sailing in a flotilla is a great introduction as you have the benefit of the leaders’ experience and a good group of people to enjoy the social aspects.The photos do not lie, we had a great time!”

– Roger, BVI Flotilla, ASA 104 graduate

“Lisa and Andy,  As a follow-up to our day together, we wanted you to know we were out sailing this weekend and had a terrific time. What is more wonderful is we had a most successful departure and return from and to the slip. Coming into the slip went especially well thanks to the tips and techniques you shared with us in our docking class. Spring lines are King! Great training. Thanks again.“

– Joe & Suzanne, S/V Patience, Passport 45

“I am so excited for the next class – I am still talking about the weekend sailing and meeting such great folks!”

– Brenda, Learn to Sail, ASA 101

“Sail Solomons is and always will be my sailing school of choice! From hosting our entire family for Learn to Sail and ASA 101 courses in the Solomons to giving my father and I the experience of a lifetime in the Virgin Islands during the ASA 103 and ASA 104 courses, Lisa and Andy have always delivered excellent instruction. As a family, our confidence in our sailing skills has increased so greatly that we have actually purchased our own boat this year! Looking forward to taking many more courses with Lisa and Andy!”

– Sasa & Brano, ASA 104 in the BVI. See Brano’s Slideshow at: Cruising Caribbean

“I took ASA 106 (Advanced Coastal Cruising) with Lisa and Andy in the Virgin Islands and it was fantastic.  A great education combined with a great vacation.  It’s rare that you get to learn so much at the same time that you have so much fun. Sail Solomons rules!”

– Pete, ASA 106

“Thanks for a great sailing experience on our transit from Maryland to St. Martin.  The 13 day trip really brought home the lessons you so capably taught in the ASA 103 and 104 classes and I think really demonstrated the professional and effective way Sail Solomon’s teaches the practical requirements of sailing.  Thanks to your instruction I felt confident of my sailing abilties even when the conditions became somewhat challenging.  I’m looking forward to sailing with you again when you get back in the Spring. Thanks so much.”

– Rod

“Thank you, Lisa, for a most enjoyable and educational weekend. You’re a great teacher/instructor. I enjoyed it immensely and plan to keep up. And when I go licensing, I’ll happily return.”

– David M, Learn to Sail graduate

“Lisa and Andy–We had a fabulous mini-vacation on Allora! The boat was in excellent condition, well-appointed, with every piece of equipment running perfectly the entire trip. It was obvious that you were interested in ensuring that we had the best charter experience possible. You both are knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to work with. We will be back!”

– Colleen & Chris, Chartering Allora

“We were a two-boat family for several years, with me having a 38 Morgan sailboat (center cockpit) and my husband having a 42 Carver powerboat. When we combined boats, Jim, for the first time, became a sailor, and we bought a 49′ Jeanneau, which has a rear cockpit. The change for both of us meant that we were greatly in need of docking lessons and sailing lessons.

Andy was an absolutely amazing teacher. He is very patient, very articulate in explaining exactly the mechanics of sailing maneuvers, very enthusiastic, and an absolute delight to work with. Lisa joined us for a couple of the days of lessons and proved to be an absolute match for Andy’s teaching abilities. We feel so lucky to have found the two of them!”

– Marti and Jim Robinson, Bliss

“Thank you for a wonderful and informative ASA 103 experience.  I enjoyed the class and feel that my skills are dramatically improved after taking your course.”

– Sandy K, ASA 103 onboard Allora

“I take the opportunity to tell you that we’ve been very pleased once again with your mix of relaxed style and professionalism that make chartering from Sail Solomons a very pleasant experience!”

– E. Pouliquen, Chartering Allora

“We want to thank you for a great learning experience.  You both did an outstanding job teaching us.  Your teaching methods are exceptionally well balanced so as to make the experience disciplined and fun at the same time.  You present both the academic and hands on instruction methods in a manner that allows the student to easily assimilate and never forget.  I even learned something about generator thermostats. Both Diane and I were amazed at how quickly our 2008 ASA 101 & 103 Certifications became second nature and allowed for us to build upon with the recently completed 104 Certification.”

– Diane & Guido, ASA 104 with Sail Solomons on Sea Dancer

“Andy, We have never formally told you how much we enjoyed the docking class; we truly believe it will help us make a big step up in our boat handling.  It’ll take a lot of practice, but you really have a great way of articulating docking issues and procedures.  You also, perhaps most importantly, gave us a real good sense of what to practice and how to approach each exercise.  Sue went into the lesson informing me that I was the designated docker, forever.  Period!  But she came away with a good understanding of the whole process and how the team works together.  Just great.

Don’t tell anyone, but that slow roll I make each morning in the parking lot, following that imaginary yellow line into the slip between those two white lines is really me at my make believe helm.”

– Mark & Sue, Friandise

“Having acquired my first boat, a Beneteau 323, Crazy Love, and moved her to Solomons, I was looking for some help honing my sailing skills. I learned of Lisa, Andy and Sail Solomons in a Spin Sheet article on sailing schools. Since they too had a Beneteau 323, Allora, it seemed like a perfect fit and, indeed, it was!!! Under Andy’s tutelage, my sailing skills and confidence level increased exponentially and I learned much about the ins and outs of Crazy Love. Thanks to Andy my rookie season as a boat owner was quite a success.”

– Bruce, Vienna, VA

“Our week with Sail Solomons was a life changing experience that exceed all our expectations!!  Who would have ever thought we’d arrive with a few knots of sailing knowledge and leave with the ability to take our 42 foot boat on our own sunrise cruise!  We owe our skills and confidence to your patience and persistance in getting us through our 101 and 103 courses.  Thank you for making this a memorable and very successful adventure/vacation for us. We’re already packing to return!”

– Gail & Jon, Wicked Good

“Charlie,  I had a blast on the course! Not only was it most informative but it was totally engaging and fun. Thanks again for the effort that you put into the class and for the knowledge that you so artfully imparted to us. I can’t wait to take the next class.”

– Paul, ASA 101 Grad

“As a couple from North Caroline, we want to be sure our Chesapeake sailing will be  successful.  The Pelican Class membership in the Sail Solomons Sailing Club gives us that confidence. Membership adds a level of commitment to our sailing schedule (& budget) that satisfies in the absence of owning a boat. It is much easier to plan and pack for a week on the Chesapeake knowing we’ll be on the same or a similar sailboat to our last sail.  It is also easier to be confident in the quality of the boat and the experience knowing that Andy and Lisa will be there for us.  And, we know the boat will be at the same first class marina we’ve come to know.

All of this should be possible from regular charter companies but we find their boats and staff change too frequently for a family that lives too far away to visit prior to booking a charter.”

– Dick & Rollie

“We thoroughly enjoyed a challenging and rewarding week with you on our Beneteau 343, the Ko’ Olina . The “realistic” conditions forced both of us out of our comfort zone and up to the next level, knowing we could (and did) draw on your vast sailing experience. This first time experience on the Chesapeake will be one we’ll remember for a long time.”

– Steve & Gwen, ASA 106 “On Your Own Boat”

“Thank you so much for your guidance, teaching, and great patience!  I am looking forward to being able to apply my new skills and knowledge on my own boat soon!”

– Cheryl, Davidsonville MD

“I want to thank you again for a wonderful sailing experience, and will recommend you as a fine, patient instructor to my neighbors and friends.”

– Judith, Deale MD

“Thanks for allowing so may of our dreams to come true. The learning experience and how you were able to balance serious sailing with fun was exceptional.”

– Diane & Guido, ASA 101/103 with Sail Solomons in Antigua

“Lisa & Andy, I just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoyed the recent trip the Philadelphia Sailing Club made out of the Solomons.  Let’s Go Cruising (Solomons Island) could not have been more helpful.  The prices were competitive, the boats were beautifully maintained and the personal attention to detail you provided for our charter was second to none. As you know the club has chartered on the bay for almost 30 years.  Although I have only been a club member for about 4 years, this trip was one of my most enjoyable ones.  Working with you before the trip was great, including your suggested itineraries.

When we arrived, you made us (all 14 of us) feel at home.  Your checkout on the boats was one of the most thorough I have participated in.  The information you provided for dining and entertainment was most useful.  The boat information onboard made our trip not only successful, but gave me a comfortable sense that I could look up any information I needed to fix most common problems.  Of course, there were none, but knowing the information was readily at hand and filed for easy reference made me sleep well. Once again, thanks for the extra effort to make our trip truly memorable and enjoyable.  We will be back.”

– Al Ponessa

“I like Solomons Island because the people are friendly and you get to the boat quickly.  The pool is great.  It is fun going sailing and sitting at the edge of the bow and watching the waves go by and the sail switching back and forth.  I learned to tie different knots like bowline and figure 8 that I used in my school show-and-tell when we got back.  I can’t wait to go sailing again.”

– Julia, age 9 onboard Friandise